Hidden Gems: Enderts Beach

Enderts beach tops the list for beaches located on the Redwood Coast. Given that you have to take a hike to enter Enderts Beach from Enderts Beach Road, we found that it is a lot more secluded than other beaches in the area. Enderts Beach is known for its tide pools and whale watching. There is so much natural beauty in the Redwood National Park area, and Enderts Beach does not disappoint.

Making the Way to Enderts Beach

Just South of Crescent City, California on US-101 is the entrance to Enderts Beach Road. The road leads to the Crescent Beach Overlook. The Overlook gives you a glimpse from above of the sandy shores. After passing the Overlook, the road ends in a small parking area. The Last Chance Section of the California Coastal Trail is located here along with the path leading down to Enderts Beach.

Enderts Beach

Trail to Enderts Beach

The relatively easy hike to Enderts Beach is a little less than a mile. The first part of the hike is full of small trees and bushes lining your way. We happened to come across a couple small snakes, that seemed harmless enough. After passing the shrubby area, there is a switchback that takes you on the path to the beach. This area has some pretty foliage including tons of berries and wildflowers. Eventually you catch the views of the Pacific Ocean as the path descends on to Enderts Beach.

Enderts Beach

Enderts Beach

The beach has a remote, undisturbed feeling as you make your way out onto the sand. Driftwood lines the shore. It’s astonishing how clean and natural this area is, and it kind of makes you feel like you are at the edge of the world. There are several large rocks, and tiny caves to explore in the area. We experienced Enderts Beach during high tide, but during low tide plenty of pools are said to be present. Its not uncommon to find starfish, sea anenomes, and urchins at Enderts Beach.

This stretch of the California Coast is stunning. Whether you are looking to peacefully sunbathe, or spot some wildlife, Enderts Beach delivers. We chose to spend our time at Enderts Beach watching birds dive for their lunch, and making sandcastles.

Enderts Beach

Eventually the tide continued to roll in and we made our way to the top of some coastal rocks. On this overcast day the waves were big, and pounding the shoreline. During our two hour stay on Enderts Beach, we only came across one other traveler. Enderts Beach offers a stunning coastline with spectacular views. We found our way back up to our truck camper, which was just as simple as our trip down to the spectacular beach.

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