July 11, 2019

About Us

Our overland journey started in early 2018 when we decided a light weight truck camper would be the perfect way to travel. The ability to drive and call practically anywhere home for the night has always appealed to us, as has exploring remote questionable areas.

We created OverTheLandWeGo to share our small families’ journey as we take trips all over the United States and beyond. Our goal is to provide insight to the destinations we visit and details on our overland setup.

Ultimately, we just want to contribute to the growing Overland community by providing informational and inspiring articles! We are proud to say that every picture on our site was taken by us, and we consider authenticity very important.

The planning process for our trips start well before we hit the road. Please reach out to us with any questions or suggestions.

Our ears are always open at OverTheLandWeGo@Gmail.com.

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