All Terrain Camper Install-Bobcat Shell

Choosing An All Terrain Camper

When we first started to consider how we wanted our all terrain overland setup to look, there were a few must-haves on our list. We wanted the camper to be lightweight, cost effective, and convenient, and the bobcat shell checked all three boxes. Most importantly, we had to have something that we were confident would stand up to whatever terrain we decided to take it on. We were anxious to be able to explore the roads less traveled, while at the same time have our sleeping arrangements spoken for without the hassle of a timely setup.

Ultimately, we decided on an all terrain bobcat shell truck camper, from All Terrain Campers based out of Sacramento, California. We settled on the Bobcat Shell for our Chevy Colorado, and wanted to keep it pretty basic so that we could add our own customization’s down the road.

Truck Modifications

We made a few slight modifications to the truck help support the roughly 900 pound camper. This included Bilstein 5100 shocks all the way around, and add-a-leaf packs from Boise Spring Works. Outside of the awning, heater, air vents, and convertible couch the camper itself was a blank slate for us.

Heading to Sacramento

When we told our family and friends we were driving to Sacramento to pick up a bobcat shell camper we were met with speculation and confusion. They didn’t understand why we couldn’t just simply pick out a pop up camper here in South Dakota. Overlanding was a completely foreign concept to them. We didn’t let these comments discourage us, and knew that we had made the right choice. We didn’t want the limitations that come with traditional campers.

After we put in our request for them to build our camper to our specification, we patiently waited the 6 month lead time until we were able to pick it up. We started our drive to California, and for the most part it was uneventful. Our pit stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats was really the first taste of adventure we had off the interstate, and with it came the sense of longing to get to our destination so that our “real” journey could begin.

Once we crossed through Northern California we were warmly greeted by towering evergreen trees. We made a few stops to take in the landscape, and Emigrant Gap in particular was very memorable. Looking out over the valley it was easy to imagine all the wagons that had traveled westward through this notable pass. If they could navigate this landscape with all the hardships they must have faced, it should be no problem for us right?

Overlooking Emigrant Gap

Bobcat Shell Install

Soon enough, we arrived in Sacramento. After a nice dinner, we settled in to our hotel eager to wake up in the morning to finally see our camper. We arrived early in the morning, and after roughly 2 hours we had our camper outfitted on our truck and we were ready to go. It was an easy enough process. The individual helping us walked us through all the important things we needed to know.

Bobcat Shell
Camper prior to loading it

The bobcat shell camper was built perfectly to our specifications. We felt fully equipped, and ready to go. At this point we could not wait to leave, and start our journey North to continue exploring California.


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