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Badlands National Park

Ultimate Badlands National Park 2 Day Itinerary

Badlands National Park is a lesser known gem among National Parks in the United States. Living in our beloved home state of South Dakota, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to regularly visit Badlands National Park. We have created the ultimate two day itinerary that captures the best camping, hiking, and travel trips for Read more about Ultimate Badlands National Park 2 Day Itinerary[…]

Sage Creek Campground

Sage Creek Campground – Best Camping in Badlands National Park

Sage Creek Campground is hands-down the best place to stay in Badlands National Park. This area offers superb wildlife viewing, and a primitive camping experience. The fact that securing a spot is completely free within Sage Creek Campground is just an added bonus. This 22 site site campground runs on a first come, first serve Read more about Sage Creek Campground – Best Camping in Badlands National Park[…]

upper peninsula attraction

Top 6 Hidden Gems in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is full of exceptional scenery and unique attractions that make it a worthwhile trip for any nature lover. We have outlined the attractions that stood out the most to us on our recent trip to the Upper Peninsula. When visiting this area, you will be greeted with unique geological formations that are Read more about Top 6 Hidden Gems in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula[…]

Choosing the Best Steps for a Truck Camper

In this article I am going to show you some popular options for truck camper steps. Truck campers normally do not come with steps, so it is up to you to decide what is best for your camper setup. Certain types of steps work better than others for truck campers and I am only going to look at ones that I know that people are using happily and successfully.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Ultimate Theodore Roosevelt National Park Itinerary

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a vast landscape that offers unique geology, active wildlife, and a robust history. It is not surprising that our 26th president fell in love with this beautiful area. Located in the remoteness of Western North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is an underappreciated gem. It is no secret that we Read more about Ultimate Theodore Roosevelt National Park Itinerary[…]

Best Bike Racks for Truck Campers

We recently had to decide on what would be the best option for transporting bicycles with our truck camper setup. As with almost everything I do, I researched obsessively over different ways to carry our 3 bicycles. Here is a look into what we think are the best bike racks for truck campers.

volcano grill

Volcano 3 Grill Long-term Review

I began looking for a propane grill early on in our camping adventures. We enjoy cooking over a fire, but often a fire pit is not available or not allowed. Another reason is that we often like to cook a quick meal and then carry on with other activities. Often, times the last thing we want to do is start a fire for just long enough to cook. If you’ve gathered anything from our articles, it is most likely the fact that we research everything to death prior to making an actual purchase.

drummond island

Drummond Island Overlanding | Upper Peninsula Michigan

Exploring the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been on our radar for quite a while now. The remoteness and tales of the outdoor paradise is enough to draw in adventure lovers from all over. Drummond Island was a great place to start our time in the UP. First off, Yoopers, as the “natives” are called, Read more about Drummond Island Overlanding | Upper Peninsula Michigan[…]

Craters of the moon caves

Craters of the Moon Cave Exploration

The landscape that Craters of the Moon National Monument offer is stunning in its own right. Below the surface, there are over 400 unique caves. Year over year the number of caves discovered at Craters of the Moon is growing. Crater of the Moon Caves Craters of the Moon makes for a very memorable exploration Read more about Craters of the Moon Cave Exploration[…]